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Esp Eclipse Li Snow White



hey! here you have this video for those who wanted to take a look a bit closer of this beautiful guitar

Esp Eclipse Li Snow White ESP Eclipse II is a powerful machine with quality craftsmanship that goes far beyond its price! With a subtle and sophisticated appearance, this classical guitar ESP is the quality of the ground up. The ESP Eclipse II features the famous EMG 81 and 60 active humbucker for lead and rhythm, giving you tremendous versatility and powerful sound which is favored by thousands of professional guitarists. There are many variations of the eclipse, including the Eclipse-I, Eclipse-I CTM, Eclipse-I CTM (full thickness), Eclipse-II (USA) Eclipse-II, and customized Eclipse. ESP also several models in its LTD brand are based on the Eclipse. These include EC-1000, EC-401, EC-330, EC-256, EC-200, EC-100, EC-50 and EC-10.

The Eclipse is a solid, single cut, 24.75 inch scale Esp Eclipse Li Snow White similar in shape to a Gibson Les Paul, although the body of the Eclipse is much thinner and lighter. The common features are mahogany body, set neck, 24.75 “scale, EMG (EMG 81/60 combo usually), 3 way toggle, TonePros bridge and tailpiece, and locking locking tuners. Some models are equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups and there are a variety of finishes. Some lower-level models LTD EC have a different material. The EC-200, EC-100 and EC-50 have a different body shape. And the EC-100, EC-50 and EC-10 have bolt-on neck.

The Esp Eclipse Li Snow White Eclipse-II (just called Eclipse-II in the US), custom Eclipse and the LTD EC line all have two volumes, one serve the old tone, and a cutting wider with a horn shorter lower. Eclipse Eclipse-I and-II (outside the US) has two-tone and two volume controls, and a longer “Les Paul style Horn. There is also a full-thickness version of Eclipse -I which has a 55mm body width. In the United States only custom Eclipse and Eclipse-II with the LTD EC are available online.