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Reindeer Blue Guitar


The Reindeer Blue Guitar has a Mahogany Body with a Flamed Maple Top and Mahogany Neck This guitar comes equipped with a TOM Bridge  Tailpiece

You could not find a Reindeer Blue Guitar Paul, but you may find a Supro Martinique, a Magnatone M8 or Little David Leslie simulator Multivox if you catch us on the right day.

We are competitively priced, and we make sure that all you hire works before leaving. We do not ship, although we may be able to refer you to an operator  set-up person if necessary.  call ahead to make a reservation for what you need.  We do not charge a lodgment reservation (we prefer to trust people), but we do not take walk-rentals.It may take some time to get used to the “oohs” and “ah” when pull out your -401FM LTD EC. This Reindeer Blue Guitar has the beautiful look of a maple top single coated flame fra Transparent burst finishes tasks like Black Sunburst Aqua blue reindeer, and you will see Thru Black Sunburst. But the excellence of the EC-401FM goes beyond its good looks.

Reindeer Blue Guitar offers a queen-quality active electronics with an EMG 60 neck sensor and an EMG 81 micro aggressive easel, and the design set-neck for convenience, quick access to the higher frets and a mahogany body, neck mahogany and rosewood fingerboard .nothing cries hard rock as timeless ESP Eclipse body style.


Esp Reindeer Blue


After their aesthetic appeal, the Eclipse models feature a solid connection flamed maple and ebony Macassan use for the key bridge, head plate and buttress.

These videos and audio content are related bonus to the Holiday 2014 issue  Esp Reindeer Blue World. For the full range of features, interviews, tabs and more, pick up the new booth number now or at the Guitar World Online Store.While I own, play and love more than my fair share of imported guitars, I still prefer electric models made in the good old US of A.

After all, Americans invented the electric guitar, and we design and build them as anyone else. So  Esp Reindeer Blue warmed my heart deeply tt this year when announced its models ESP Eclipse Series USA, Horizon and M-III, which are first guitars of the company did in its brand new factory in North Hollywood, California.We took a unique look classic cut Eclipse model inspired by ESP.

The overall features of the Eclipse USA have a familiar formula figured maple top, mahogany neck and chambered body, two humbuckers,   Esp Reindeer Blue inches, and so on, but many details make this model stand out from the usual classic clone. The “set-thru” neck joint is particularly impressive, with smooth contours and fa Provide transparent neck and body together as if they were one continuous piece of wood.