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Esp Eclipse L Ctm


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This is a first class very well con Ues and executed and construction and finish are. Yes, a great couple to buy a Esp Eclipse L Ctm Custom opportunity in good nick, but Eclipse has always been to offer this classic set, streamlined for modern-rock demographic.

Esp Eclipse L Ctm probably will not overshadow the appeal of the original American classic for the purists, but others will be over the moon with the gravity of what this living variant to OfferThe ESP Eclipse is a classic design. It takes the form of a single recognizable cut and puts a modern spin on it metal. CTM has less of a modern spin, it has more of an old school design. CTM means it has a thick body with double bevels of binding body and less. This model is closer to a Les Paul that most other Eclipse models. The material on this model is top quality as you would expect on any made in Japan ESP. Up there you get locking tuners on the headstock and a nice bridge tune-o-matic at the bottom. The body and neck are mahogany neck with a building set. The handle is ebony with 22 jumbo frets and ESP flag inlays. The pickups are a set of active EMG. You get the 60 in the neck and the 81 in the bridge is the old James Hetfield set before he got his signature all microphones. You get the classic control layout with a volume and tone for each pickup, and a 3 way toggle.

These Esp Eclipse L Ctm are more classical feel because of their larger bodies and less bevels. Other Eclipse models have 24 frets which require more beveling but with 22 on this guitar, you can easily reach them without the extra cutaways. The body is thicker and you can feel it. He has no belly cut so you can feel when you play the guitar, it doesnt disappear.