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2015 George Lynch Guitar Collection


The primary George Lynch Guitar Collection is the original Tiger guitar which ironically was not a main tour guitar during the initial Lynch Mob era of 1990-92.

This special edition version of the EP celebrates 30 years of George Lynch guitar playing with amazing offers 4 tracks for the fans. Injects us with a legacy style dose of signing George super charged and proves once again why he is one of the most respected guitarists of the past three decades!

“Blood Drive” ignites the disc with an upbeat catchy rock track that has a real beginning VH groove Satriani meeting her. offers us a well built that incorporates all the legendary rocker style of play George. Track 3 “Invoid” can best be best described as “Mr. Scary” answers “Tooth and Nail”  2015 George Lynch Guitar Collection is laced from end to end with an incredible guitar tone technique. Legacy is an offer straight forward with an ambience of classic and is a must have for any true fan of this legendary elite guitar! You can hear the “Invoid” track in its entirety on the CRC Nation (Part 5) “Reckoning Day” a short film of the documentary series continues on the ic Not the American Erik Buell motorcycle and motorcycle company. George Lynch is one of the most recognizable in the world of heavy metal guitar names.

With a career spanning more than thirty years, George has recorded more than twenty albums, made entire world tours many times, and is one of the most recognizable endorsees most beautiful guitars and equipment in the world. Randall, George has a special relationship because of 2015 George Lynch Guitar Collection story using Randall from the early days of his career and be involved in the development of some of the classic amps RG series. The interesting note is that Dimebag Darrell George introduced to Randall when Pantera opened for Dokken very tt in their careers.