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George Lynch Guitar Clinic Sale


Click the Play Button at the top of the page to watch George’s 2015 Guitar Clinic at GoDpsMusic. George Lynch is one of the most recognizable

George Lynch signature model ESP Sunburst Tiger electric guitar is locked and loaded for rock, George Lynch Guitar Clinic SaleĀ began as a parts manufacturer aftermarket guitar in Japan in the late 1970s the mid 80s ESP custom made guitars for some of the biggest names in rock. An eye demanding of playability and craftsmanship ESP Guitars has one of the most visible guitar brands and the most common in the rock and metal. Each ESP M-1 Tiger guitar is still made in Japan. Their commitment to quality is second to none and their impressive list of endorsers prove

This prompted Lynch to call former members Lynch Mob Oni Logan, Anthony Esposito and Mick Brown for a meeting of Lynch Mob. The group entered the studio and made a demo of three songs (later released as an EP called Syzygy). However, Logan decided to leave the band to pursue other projects before a full album could be completed. Mick Brown decided to stay with Dokken. George held a short 13 show US tour for Lynch Mob in 1998 with Artension singer John West, Anthony Esposito and others.

George Lynch Guitar Clinic SaleĀ has decided that he wanted to Lynch Mob in a totally new direction influenced by contemporary groups. Radical new look of Lynch Mob and musical approach attracted a younger audience. In 1999 they released the album “Smoke This”. After a tour in support of “Smoke This” Lynch Mob Lynch decided to put on hold for a few years but not until he toured with singer Oni Logan Lynch Mob original, the bassist Chuck Garric and Bulletboys LA Guns drummer Jimmy D’Anda at the end of 2001.