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2015 Esp Lynch


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George Lynch had a very long and fruitful relationship with  2015 Esp Lynch  company. He first became involved with it in 1986. George himself said he wanted something unique and custom, and was made in the direction of ESP, told them they were to company to go to custom instruments.

Over the years he has been associated with several different  2015 Esp Lynch  designed us, his most famous being the tiger, and also the “Wicked Sensation” Cranes and snakes. But its origin, and probably the most liked was the beautiful graphics guitar Kamikaze, which was his first signature model. This guitar is made available in Japanese ESP LTD or as a cheaper model and we were taken aback when ESP sent us one of the first to use the Tech session that you can also find in this issue.

I say surprised because 2015 Esp Lynch  really a special guitar – a superb hand be my construction work one of the best Japanese luthiers ESP, which managed the construction and finish of this guitar from beginning to end, like all these signature models. The guitar comes with a certificate of authentication, so you know you are getting the real deal and it also comes with a hard custom case. Our guitar sample presented two Seymour Duncan pickups a single coil in the neck and George Lynch “Screamin ‘Demon” in the bridge, but we believe that the most recent examples of ESP are now equipped with Arcane microphones.