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Esp Eclipse 1 Ctm


A new model from the kings of metal axeology that flies the flag for old-school tone. The ESP Eclipse was born as a Les Paul derivative back.

The first produced eclipses were actually made in a Telecaster shape with a rounded top.  They were sometimes abandoned in the late 80s, and reintroduced in 1995 in their modern Les Paul shape.The form was again changed in the North Esp Eclipse 1 Ctm market due to a continuation made by Gibson Guitars, and now have a loose fit and only three buttons microphone volume knob bridge, a volume knob neck micro and 1 tone control knob.

This model is also available in the Asian market, being called Esp Eclipse 1 Ctm.Faith series were concieved as  Scene guitars instruments that offered workhorse functionality and optimum performance capacity.Using the same structure and the tonewood combination that the natural series – spruce and mahogany – Eclipse models are finished with a black spot and a transparent varnish PU everywhere.

The lacquer is used for controlled Esp Eclipse 1 Ctm resonance some tonewood, resulting in a tone more predictable and targeted for the stage.Exciting, Eclipse models are also equipped with stereo microphone and preamp system Shadow L4020 HEX. Essentially, this allows the guitar to produce a stereo signal delivering a superb panoramic across the field of ropes, as well as operating in a normal single-mode if needed.