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New Frog Guitars


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Today we want to show you these unique New Frog Guitars made by Craig and Christopher Woods. This is the most accurate replica of the original bones guitar J.Frog built in 1986 for George Lynch. It took a ton of Carves research and try to get something that is so close. This version of the guitar Bones is all about extreme detail. Not only is it historically accurate, but the quality of exclusion is absolutely unprecedented.

J. Frog had pursued his other career as a successful Hollywood New Frog Guitars makeup artist. He has worked with most of the Los Angeles scene hair metal acts band Guns & amp; Roses, Great White, Dokken, Ratt and of course Dr. George Lynch. He also worked on many Hollywood horror movies. J. Frog built both Shark guitars for Mark Kendall of Great White. Mark went on to feature those guitars on videos and stages all over the world. Even though many people think that BC Rich created those guitars that is also a falsehood. John hand carved both the Shark guitars.

J Frog Guitars


Our shop is a guitar custom shop, you can custom-made the guitar which you like in our shop. There I will recommend you a suitable and beautiful guitar those are the J Frog Guitars. If you want to collection it, give us an e-mail!!!

Johnny “J. Frog” Garcia is the very talented artist, designer & amp; personal friend who crafted and created the original George Lynch Skull N ‘Bones Guitars. Everyone Conna T Korean ESP makes copies of original guitars that rose to fame on the skirts of the J Frog Guitars. Johnny also made great white shark Guitar Mark Kendall. Famous original 3D Skull N ‘Bones. George Lynch

Dokken was back in Los Angeles from a world tour and they prepared to make the video that eventually make the J Frog Guitars world famous. Present on the video shoot were the band members, J. Frog himself, the director, camera and lighting crews. Just before shooting a representative of the Japanese company ESP Guitar, the J Frog Guitars shown and affixed a sticker with dolls. Johnny was not very happy, but the representative insisted that ESP George advertise them or they would not allow the guitar to be used in the video. Since then, several other companies have used the ideas and concepts of the creative spirit of J. Frog.