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George Lynch Skull Guitar


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About the George Lynch Skull Guitar, George himself then decided he wanted to take Lynch Mob in a completely new direction influenced by contemporary groups. New radical look of Lynch Mob and musical approach has attracted a younger audience. In 1999 they released the album “Smoke This”. ¬†In early 2002 George began working with producer and engineer named Sean Fodor on the unfortunate sick Microdot project which featured the singer then Unknown London Le Grand.

Only a few songs of this George Lynch Skull Guitar¬†project “lost” have never seen the light of day. “Bulldog tyranny” to “The Lost Anthology” and 3 other George songs later released as “The Lynch who stole Riffness” with Robert Mason taking the lead vocals. Then in late 2002, George Lynch has decided to reform Lynch Mob with bassist Anthony Esposito original and singer of their second album Robert Mason. Lynch Mob then recorded an album of re-recorded classic songs Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob albums, updated to a and its more contemporary approach.