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Esp Sunburst Tiger Sale


Esp Sunburst Tiger Sale Guitars had nothing to do with the original Skull N’ Bones Guitar. The original George Lynch played model was hand carved  built by Johnny Frog a well

The George Lynch signature model Esp Sunburst Tiger Sale Tiger solidbody electric guitar was made to rock. Comfortable contoured maple body of this guitar gives the M-1 Tiger a distinct and powerful voice that is perfect for rock and metal. You will appreciate the clear sound of the round maple bolt-on maple neck and smooth.

Top-notch touches like Gotoh tuners and a Floyd Rose tremolo ensure tuning stability and a great atmosphere. Add to Demon humbucking pickups Seymour Duncan single Screamin ‘, and you’re ready to rock with the ESP George Lynch M-1 electric guitar phenomenon Tiger guitar.In 1985 George Lynch teamed with ESP to design their first model signature. It was George’s guitars that brought ESP for the masses to play the guitar. Based on the body of the M series, ESP George Lynch M-1 Tiger is about comfort, tone, and maintain. When you’re rocking hard night after night, the last thing you need is an ax hanging over you like a boat anchor.

The M-1 Tiger fits like a glove, it’s lightweight and it is well balanced. There ince many years, our Custom Shop was a “dream factory” producing all kinds of guitar replicas of players in each time. We dare not say our replicas are as good as the originals, but they are more attractive in custom price.Our ESP George Lynch Signature M-1 Tiger is a traditional high quality guitar with the work of incredible finish and attention retail. Very detail exactly with the original guitar. Created by our talented and experienced artisans who are famous in the field of musical instruments.